Principles of enrolment (foreign students)

Studies in English


General information

Candidates who are not citizens of Poland, hereinafter referred to as foreigners, can apply for undergraduate courses, graduate courses as well as doctoral or postgraduate courses if

 Foreigners are subject to the same principles of recruitment as those referring to candidates holding the old format of the secondary school leaving certificate (Stara Matura) according to the criteria of admission determined for the chosen course. To apply for admission candidates should register in the online recruitment system (IRK), attend an entrance interview (if required for a chosen course) andsubmit all required documents within the deadline specified in the recruitment schedule.


Place and date of document submission    

After registration in the online recruitment system (IRK), all foreigners applying for admission will find information concerning qualification on their internet accounts (no other information is sent to candidates). Candidates qualified for admission have to submit all the required documents in the relevant recruitment committees within the deadline defined in the recruitment schedule (click to download the recruitment schedule)




Tuition fees

  1. Opole University charges recruitment fee of 85PLN (ca. 20EUR) per registration on every course. Payment must be made to a bank account generated by the online recruitment system (IRK).

  2. Citizens of the European Union member states, the European Agreement on Free Trade (EFTA) member states or the holders of valid Pole’s Card who possess financial means indispensable to cover the costs of maintenance during studies can undertake and continue regular studies, doctoral studies, as well as other forms of education according to the principles relating to citizens of Poland, with the provision that the above-mentioned are not eligible for receiving social benefits, special benefits for the disabled, benefits to cover accommodation or boarding, and other financial grants (not applicable to students with the Pole’s Card).

  3. Foreigners undertaking studies and trainings, not mentioned in section 2 above, are obliged to pay the annual tuition fee. The tuition depends on the type of the course chosen but is not lower than:

  1. Foreigners admitted to the first year of regular studies, doctoral and post-graduate studies at state-run institutions of higher education, on the basis of payment of fees, pay the rates higher by € 200 than those mentioned in Section 3, independent of the number of undertaken courses.

  2. Payments should be made to the following bank account (except for recruitment fees as these must be made to a bank account generated by the online recruitment system (IRK):

    Bank Zachodni WBK SA

    Oddział w Opolu

    Acc no: 88-1090- 2138-0000-0005-5600-0076