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Rekrutacja 2022 - poznaj Uniwersytet Opolski i

This page contains general information. Select a registration to see information connected to this registration.

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Welcome to the online admission system of the University of Opole

The educational offer and detailed information about the admission rules are available after selecting a chosen enrollment route. 

General information is available on the web-page - www.uni.opole.pl/en - in the section 'Prospective students'.


Contact with admissions committees

To contact a given admission committee please use the phone numbers and e-mail addresses provided on pages dedicated to your programmes.


Registration in the IRK system

In order to create an account in the online registration system (IRK), you have to select create an account option in the top menu.

After creating an account in the IRK, you need to enter your personal details and select the programme you want to study. Candidates for second-cycle studies who do not know the diploma number yet (they are in the process of their BA or engineering thesis defense) need to write the fake number '-1'. After the defense, please fill in the correct diploma number

All information regarding the registration process, waiting list, and decisions on the admission will be available only on your personal account in the online registration system.

If you have any questions about online registration, do not hesitate to contact us: rekrutacja@uni.opole.pl


Registration for the field - Candidates - Important information!

In order to sign up for the study programme if you don’t know the final exam results/diploma grade, go to “My account”->”Personal forms”->”Education” and click “Edit exam results” . On this form select the exam results required to sign up for the programme (can be found in Qualification criteria in programme description) in the column “Taken” (on the left hand side). Just tick the subject without giving the fake results. The grades are to be completed once known before the admission deadline.