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University of Opole – where you want to study


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High ratings in the evaluation of taught scientific disciplines, an opportunity to study in an international environment, international exchanges and a student-friendly city make the University of Opole worth studying.

The University of Opole comprises twelve faculties, nineteen institutes and many closely co-operating units. We form a dynamic, modern and versatile organism.

High ratings!

We are a young university (in 2024 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary), but we have great teaching and scientific achievements and several decades of academic tradition built on the foundations of the Higher School of Education. In the latest evaluation of scientific activity conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science for the years 2017-2021, we received one A+ category, six A categories and ten B+ categories. It means that in each of the evaluated disciplines, we have full promotion rights, i.e. we can confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees.

We also stand high in prestigious national rankings and continue to climb even higher. In the 2019 university ranking, we were ranked 16th, and in 2022 we were already in the ninth position. In the most recent ranking conducted by the Educational Foundation Perspektywy, we were in the 30th place among nearly a hundred surveyed higher education institutions in
Poland, though in 2018 we reached only the 60th position in this list. In four years, we made a jump of as many as 30 places!

Study in Poland and abroad

The UO has a thriving international cooperation. We are in the Erasmus+ programme, under which we have signed agreements with 209 universities from 27 European Union countries. In addition, we have bilateral agreements with 28 universities from 27 other countries around the world. Even such distant ones as Australia, the United States, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan or Mexico.

The University of Opole also belongs to the network of European Universities working within the FORTHEM Alliance, which also comprises Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany) Université de Bourgogne (France), Jyväskylän yliopisto (Finland), Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy), Latvijas Universitāte (Latvia), and Universitat of Valencia (Spain).

It means that while studying at the UO you can take part in exchange programmes and get to know both close and distant parts of the world.

You can even receive diplomas from foreign universities! Would you like to graduate from three universities at the same time? Study under the Europa Master programme and obtain master's degrees from the University of Opole, the University of Dijon (France) and the University of Mainz (Germany).

Develop your passions

In many ways! You can be a member of numerous research groups and student organisations, enriching your knowledge and interests or proving yourself as an event organiser. You can be active in the very dynamic UO Students’ Union, sing in the Academic Choir, be a journalist in the UO student media (Radio Signals, SETA TV, "Gazeta Studencka"), develop your sports passions in the Academic Sports Association, become a volunteer or a young entrepreneur and benefit from our support in the Academic Incubator.

Study in Opole

It is a beautiful, multicultural, thriving, and compact city. A twelve-minute walk will take you from the UO campus to the Market Square or the Riverside Boulevards. Various bars, pubs and restaurants are also located just within the walking distance from the campus. You can spend your free time in a concert hall, a theatre, a puppet theatre, a zoo, beautiful parks, swimming pools, sports infrastructure, and many places where you can get using the efficient public transport system. As Opole is a seat of a few higher education institutions besides the UO, there are always thousands of students in the city filling the streets, clubs and parks.