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Rekrutacja 2022 - poznaj Uniwersytet Opolski

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List of required documents for candidates studying on principles other than applicable Polish citizens:

| Jarosław Kata

  1.  1. an application form signed by the candidate (printout from the Online Registration System (IRK))

      2. an application to the Rector of the University for the admission of a foreigner;

      3. an original of the secondary school leaving certificate obtained abroad, which entitles the holder to take up studies in the country issuing it, recognised (e.g. apostille) on the basis of the nostrification regulations as the equivalent of the Polish ‘matura’ exam.

      4. Polish degree diploma or legalized or endorsed with an apostille diploma or other document confirming the completion of studies abroad entitling to take up second-cycle studies in the State in which it was issued, recognised as equivalent to the relevant Polish diploma of undergraduate studies, in accordance with the provisions on the recognition of higher-education diplomas obtained abroad unless exempted on the basis of the rules of nostrification, or recognised, under an international agreement, as equivalent to the relevant Polish undergraduate diploma, as entitlement to study the second-cycle programmes in the Republic of Poland. ATTENTION! Only candidates for second-cycle degree programmes!

      5. a medical certificate stating the lack of contraindications against studying a chosen programme in a given form;

      6. insurance policy in the event of illness or accident for a period of education in Poland or the European Health  Insurance Card, or a statement on subscribing to the National Health Fund (NFZ) immediately after the start of studying;

      7. a document certifying knowledge of the Polish language*. It can be:

    7.1. a certificate of completion of a one-year preparatory course for studying in Polish in at centres appointed by the relevant Minister in charge of higher education, hereafter referred to as “Minister”, or

    7.2. certificates, diplomas or other documents confirming the completion of overseas secondary school, where classes were taught in the Polish language, or

    7.3. a language certificate issued by the Państwowa Komisja Poświadczania Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego (State National Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language), or

    7.4. a confirmation issued by the accepting academy that their Polish language preparation and level of command allows to study in Polish on the basis of:

      - participation in the Language School, run by the University of Opole;

      - a qualifying interview evaluating Polish language skills of the candidate (conducted by the Admission Committee on the Induction Day - 29.09.2017)

     *It does not apply to candidates for studies conducted in a language other than Polish and candidates  for Polish for Beginners with German.

      8.  a document certifying knowledge of the English language (applies to candidates for studies conducted in English).

     9. a photocopy of the passport

      10. two photos (format 35 x 45 mm) and a digital photo in the IRK;

    11.  two copies of the agreement signed by the candidate ;

    12. an application for accommodation in a hall of residence - if there is such a need.

    13. an application for the issuance of an invitation to apply for a visa - if there is such a need.

    14. declaration of the parents/legal guardians in the case of  taking up their studies by a minor. Only applies to minor candidates.


    All the required documents drafted in a foreign language should be translated into Polish and confirmed by a sworn translator or a notary.