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Rekrutacja 2022 - poznaj Uniwersytet Opolski

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When will you get access to USOSweb?

| Joanna Andrzejuk

Getting access to USOSweb is time-consuming process because it consists of  few phases:


1.      Electronic matriculation of candidates is done by Teaching Department on the basis of lists submitted by Admission Boards. In this phase, candidates data are transferred from Online Registration System to USOS system.

2.      When the data are in the USOS, the cyclic migration system USOS-LDAP-AD detects students data and automatically creates their university accounts. Students are informed about this because migration system sends e-mail messages to their private e-mail boxes - exactly the same which were used when candidates created their accounts in Online Registration System (IRK).

3.      In received email candidate finds a link which redirects him to the website, where his e-mail is already written, and he can set a password.  Candidate has to click “Send” and open the link (send to his e-mail box) which allows him to set the password. It is worth to remember that password cannot contain name and surname of the student, or his index number. It has to consist of signs from following groups: small letters, capital letters, digits and special characters (ect.: “?”, “!”). At least three of the groups have to be used. Password has to be at least eight characters long.




The account will work properly after the synchronization of few systems, that is why the proper logging (and password setting) is possible the day after candidate received the e-mail.