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English for Academic Purposes - Preparatory Course, kurs przygotowawczy

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English for Academic Purposes - Preparatory Course (Filologia sp. Polish Studies)


The University of Opole invites you to participate in the English for Academic Purposes Preparatory Course, which is meant to give international students language skills necessary to succeed in their further studies or career paths. 

It can be a stepping stone for those who have just finished high schools and need assistance and additional skills to have a smooth transition to life in academia. On the other hand, our course will come in handy for those who simply want to refresh their knowledge before they find themselves in the labour market.

Under careful supervision of our faculty and in a diverse and friendly environment, students will develop their understanding of the Polish culture, learn the basics of intercultural communication and get equipped with all aspects of the English language.

Our Goals

  • Our primary goal is to improve your language and communication skills indispensable for studying at a European university. We focus on English, so that you are able to use it effectively both in the academic environment and in everyday situations. You will also learn the basics of Polish necessary to live and feel comfortable in Poland.
  • Our programme is student oriented – we strive to enhance the quality of education by means of individual approach and work in small groups, so that we can keep a close eye on their progress and achievement and render timely assistance, if needed.
  • Realizing the trends of the modern society and enhanced mobility of people, especially students, all around the world, we want to support the multicultural community formed at our university. Not only students will immerse themselves into the Polish culture, but they will also be a part of the culturally diverse learning environment, make new friends and gain truly international perspective.
    • Candidates are rendered assistance from the very moment they take a decision to join the course. Our staff will lead you through the registration process and visa procedures, providing you with all the documents and information required.
    • The University of Opole is one of the few institutions entitled to organize official state language examinations, thus, it is a good motivation to improve your language skills and have them confirmed with an official certificate.
    • Participants of Preparatory course receive a status of a student of the University of Opole and enjoy the same rights and have the same opportunities as our regular students.
    • 5 or 9 months in Poland is enough to explore the educational offers and choose the academic field that would fit best your interests and intentions.

Advantages of Preparatory Course


Our Courses

The courses selected for the programme meet the needs of different students and cover as many skills as possible that might be required during their further undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate studies, or in their professional areas. Besides practical and academic English, there are courses that will enrich students’ understanding of the Polish culture, deepen their knowledge of intercultural communication and prepare them for studies in the academic environment.

Intercultural Encounters

Being international university located in the very middle of central Europe and in the centre of Polish most multicultural region, the University of Opole offers a unique opportunity to experience the intercultural contact and to study it using proper methodological and theoretical tools. The course is designed for the international students to get to know one another and to get opportunity to meet locals and develop communication and interactional skills for studying and working in multicultural environments.


Project-based learning

Taking into account that one of the objectives of this programme is to prepare students for further studies at BA, MA or PhD levels, it is of great importance to help them develop such skills as critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration and self-management. Moreover, such skills will come in handy for those who are focused on their career boost. Under careful supervision of teachers, students will engage into a scrupulous process of finding recourses and applying information, will learn how to present their projects to others and use feedback in a productive way.


Personal Development

It is crucial to define one’s academic and professional goals and sketch out the skills to be gained in the course of the university career in order to match the demand or locate the niche in the labour market. In this course we use available data and latest research to make the students aware of the demand for certain skills in the European and global markets. The last but not least, the aim of the course is to identify one’s skills – both the existing and the desired ones to adjust the education path to the student.

Further Education

Primary objective of English for Academic Purposes – Preparatory Course is to prepare a student for further academic life. Thus, after the completion of the Preparatory Course you may enroll in one of the international study programmes offered at the University of Opole. You may choose BA, MA or PhD degree depending on your previous educational background and the degree that you already possess.

Terms and Fees

One year programme

October 3 – June 26

Tuition fee is 1160 euro and 85 zl of a non-refundable registration fee.

Tuition fee is transferred to the individual bank account received by each student upon registration, before the beginning of each semester.

One semester programme

First semester: October 3 – February 09
Second semester: February 13 – June 26

Tuition fee is 580 euro and 85 zl of a non-refundable registration fee.
Tuition fee is transferred to the individual bank account received by each student upon registration, before the beginning of studies.

Tuition fee per semester is paid in full.

The programme we have designed is flexible – you can choose the duration depending on your background and future plans. It is up to you how much time you will spend with us.

EU/EFTA citizens can study free of charge.
Citizens of Poland and the Pole’s Card holders study free of charge.

Admission Procedure

The highschool or bachelor’s diploma (or equivalent) constitutes the basic admission criterion. We require basic English language skills.

In order to become a student of the Preparatory Course (both one year and one semester) candidates have to undergo the online registration procedure at rekrutacja.uni.opole.pl, in the course of which they will be required to pay the registration fee in the amount of 85 PLN and upload the documents, including secondary educatioin certificate and their IDs.

Upon registration, the university will issue an Acceptance Letter for each candidate, which will be further submmitted by candidates to the corresponding embassies in their countries to get Polish visas.

Candidates enrolled in the Preparatory Course are expected to come to Opole one week before the beginning of the course in order to have all the formalities settled and get adjusted to a new place.


English Summer School – www.englishsummerschool.uni.opole.pl

Contact Details

For further information and inquiries please contact the Office for International Study Programmes:

The University of Opole
“Niechcic” Dormitory, room 1
87B Katowicka
tel.: 77 452 72 92
45-054 Opole

Zasady kwalifikacji dla kandydatów z polską nową maturą (od roku 2005)

Application for Polish Studies BA programme is based on Matura examination results in English. The ranking of the candidates is based on the following weighting of points


Matura exam




% points*




Basic level


Extended level



a subject of your own choice**


Basic level


Extended level


*Candidate can choose only one level

**Any subject from the candidate’s Matura Exam

Zasady kwalifikacji dla kandydatów ze starą maturą

In case of holding Old Matura results in English, the applicants’ ranking is based on the following weighting of points.


Exam parts





 written part



a subject of your own choice*

 written part


final grade upon school graduation **


*Any subject from the candidate’s Matura Exam

** The final subject grade is calculated into points according to §11 of the University Senate Resolution. The score is taken into account on condition that the candidate did not take the Matura Exam in this particular subject.