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Rekrutacja 2022 - poznaj Uniwersytet Opolski

This page contains general information. Select a registration to see information connected to this registration.

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Refund of registration fee

| Joanna Andrzejuk

Fees paid by candidates are non-refundable.

Fees are refundable only in exceptional cases:

1.      When study program wasn’t opened due to the small number of candidates

2.      When candidate overpaid by mistake

3.      Invalid registration- lack of registration for a program or payment after deadline. Candidate has to withdraw from the program at least in the last day of registration.


For more details about registration fee, please visit the website: http://hello.uni.opole.pl/fees-2/.

How to make a Registration Fee from a foreign account?

| Aleksandra Nowak

Your application will be processed after you pay the registration fee in the amount of 85 PLN.

It is to be paid to your personal account number generated by the system, that will be displayed in “Payments” section after you register for the programme.

Account number: PL [your individual bank account number generated by the IRK system]

Beneficiary: Uniwersytet Opolski

Beneficiary’s address: Plac Kopernika 11a, 45-040 Opole, Polska (Poland)

Bank: Santander Bank Polska

Bank address: Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warszawa

Payment title: ‘Opłata rekrutacyjna’


How to delete an account from the system?

| Joanna Andrzejuk

Candidate can delete his account from the system  only in following cases:

-        - He didn’t make any enrolment applications and didn’t make any payments

-        - Admission status is: archived

In other cases, when candidate click “Delete” he will see the information:

“Currently, you cannot delete your account because:

•  You have to wait until the registration is closed

·        •  Your account balance is non-zero (when the registration fee was made).

When will you get access to USOSweb?

| Joanna Andrzejuk

Getting access to USOSweb is time-consuming process because it consists of  few phases:


1.      Electronic matriculation of candidates is done by Teaching Department on the basis of lists submitted by Admission Boards. In this phase, candidates data are transferred from Online Registration System to USOS system.

2.      When the data are in the USOS, the cyclic migration system USOS-LDAP-AD detects students data and automatically creates their university accounts. Students are informed about this because migration system sends e-mail messages to their private e-mail boxes - exactly the same which were used when candidates created their accounts in Online Registration System (IRK).

3.      In received email candidate finds a link which redirects him to the website, where his e-mail is already written, and he can set a password.  Candidate has to click “Send” and open the link (send to his e-mail box) which allows him to set the password. It is worth to remember that password cannot contain name and surname of the student, or his index number. It has to consist of signs from following groups: small letters, capital letters, digits and special characters (ect.: “?”, “!”). At least three of the groups have to be used. Password has to be at least eight characters long.




The account will work properly after the synchronization of few systems, that is why the proper logging (and password setting) is possible the day after candidate received the e-mail.

How to withdraw enrolment application?

| Joanna Andrzejuk

When candidate wants to withdraw from registration for a particular study program, he has to enter “Enrolment applications”, select the right application and click “Withdraw”. The system will ask if he is sure that he wants to withdraw the application. He can either confirm or come back to the Enrolment application.

Long waiting time for acceptance of a photo

| Ewelina Zalas

Photos are accepted by members of Admission Boards responsible for particular study programmes. Your photo can be accepted only  after registration for a chosen study programme.

No account for the recruitment fee.

| Joanna Andrzejuk

Having signed up for a particular study programme, you will get the individual bank account number that can be found in "Payments tab" in your profile and is meant for registration fee payment (85 PLN) only.

I cannot create an account.

| Joanna Andrzejuk

If you have applied for studies at the University of Opole already (as a regular or exchange student), you don’t need to create another account in IRK system. You need to create an account if you haven’t registered before or didn’t choose the option “I want to keep my account for the future registrations”.
It is important to use the real email which is often checked in order to receive all the messages from the IRK system.
If you don’t remember your password, use the “remind password” option giving your login email address. You will receive a one-time link to set a new password. Should you forget password to your personal email or have no access thereto, you have to visit the IT centre with your ID document in order to change the email. Note: the account with the PESEL number created earlier will hamper the attempts to create a new account.

System doesn’t let me sign up for the programme.

| Arkadiusz Różycki

In order to sign up for the study programme if you don’t know the final exam results/diploma grade, go to “My account”->”Personal forms”->”Education” and click “Edit exam results” . On this form select the exam results required to sign up for the programme (can be found in Qualification criteria in programme description) in the column “Taken” (on the left hand side). Just tick the subject without giving the fake results. The grades are to be completed once known before the admission deadline.

How to enter the maturity exam annex?

| Arkadiusz Różycki

Maturity exam annex is to be entered after the coma in the maturity exam field. In “enter exam results” only the points from the annex are entered.

My photo is not accepted by the system.

| Arkadiusz Różycki

First and foremost, the photo should be of high quality, the background has to be smooth, preferably  white, but definitely with a good contrast and distinct face features. The face has to be directed straight at the camera lens, the head cannot be skewed and should be visible in full.
A photo in format is preferred in minimum size of 1000 x 1250 pixels, although the system would accept 500x625 pixels size, but the cropping won’t be possible in the result of which the face on the photo will be too small to meet the requirements.