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English in Public Communication, full-time English BA programme

Code 1-PRK-EPC-D3
Organizational unit Faculty of Philology
Field of studies English in Public Communication
Form of studies full-time
Level of education bachelor's degree studies
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 45
Duration 3 years
Recruitment committee address Collegium Maius, pl. Kopernika 11,
pok. 201, 2. piętro;
tel. 77 541 59 23, 77 541 60 05
WWW address
Required documents
  • maturity diploma or its equivalent
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What do we teach at English in Public Communication?

The English in Public Communication BA program is an excellent opportunity for the students who would like to be able to face challenges of a highly competitive job market in an increasingly global society. The program offers an integrated approach to public communication in such domains as politics, culture, society, management, business, and technology.

All the courses offered within the program are instructed in English. Practical English courses comprising reading, listening, speaking, and grammar are designed to develop the students’ language skills and help them attain a high level of proficiency in English. Subject courses, including Public Communication and Public Relations, Cultural and Media Studies, Persuasion and Rhetoric, Communication as Critical Inquiry, or Intercultural Communication, develop and broaden the students’ knowledge and skills in analyzing various communicative situations, managing information, and creating effective messages in a variety of media. More on   

The classes are held from Monday through Friday. All lecturers are available to students during their office hours to discuss academic issues relating to the courses. 

What distinguishes English in Public Communication?

English in Public Communication is an innovative study program developed in cooperation with a number of institutes at Opole University, namely the Institute of English, the Institute of Polish, the Institute of Political Sciences, and the Institute of Sociology. Hence, the courses on offer are taught by highly experienced and qualified specialists in a given discipline. As the program is a comprehensive approach to public communication, it not only acquaints the students with a range of theoretical issues but, more importantly, aims to increase the students’ communicative abilities. Specifically, the students will learn to communicate effectively using various technologies and to develop their abilities to cooperate with others. Moreover, they will be given opportunities to recognize, increase and demonstrate their leadership potential.

Further perspectives: student mobility, scholarships, etc.

The students can take advantage of the ERASMUS student mobility program, which gives them the opportunity to complete a part of the program abroad, at one of our partner universities (more information available at Studying abroad is not only a great chance to interact with different people and culture but also to improve one’s foreign language skill. Students can also participate in study visits connected with the study program and do their internship abroad.

What are the job opportunities for English in Public Communication graduates?

Holding a BA degree and being highly trained professional communicators with an excellent command of English, our graduates can find employment in a broad range of fields involving public communication, such as advertising, journalism, publishing, public relations and public affairs, business communication, marketing, and education. They may also be employed in public administration on a regional, national or international level or work for cultural institutions, corporations or NGOs.

How to enroll?

To enroll in English in Public Communication full-time BA program, the candidate needs to undergo the procedure of online registration (more information available at www.

Tuition Fee

Citizens of Poland and EU/EFTA as well as the Pole's Card holders study free of charge.

Tuition fee for international students amounts to 5000 PLN per academic year.


For general information and enquiries please contact:

Institute of English
pl. Kopernika 11a, 45-040 Opole
tel.  +48 77 541 59 23

For foreign candidates:

Office for International Study Programmes
Katowicka 87B, 45-061 Opole
tel. +48-77-452 72 92

Qualification criteria


40 points is the minimum score for enrollment obtained on the basis of the tables below.

Admission requirements: competition of diplomas



Matura exam Weight
Subject Part % PKT
1 English written

basic level 0,60
extended level 0,80
3 subject of your choice * written

basic level 0,15
extended level 0,20

A candidate shall choose only one level.
*  Any final exam but for the English language.


Candidates with "OLD MATURA"

1 English written part of the matura exam 0,80
3 subject of your choice ** written part of the matura exam 0,20
final grade * 0,15

* Final grade is converted into the points according to the table in Attachment 4 to the Senate Resulution and will be considered only in case the candidate had no written exam in the given sugject. 

** Any final exam but for the English language

Qualification criteria for foreign candidates

In order to apply, enter the following final exam grades from the secondary school certificate:

1. English 

2. Any subject of your choice.