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Biology, concentration in Palaeobiology, full-time English MA study programme

Code 6-PRK-B.P-S.M.2
Organizational unit Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
Field of studies Biology
Form of studies full-time
Level of education master's degree studies
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Admission limit 30
Duration 2 years
Recruitment committee address
Oleska 48 Opole room 12 BG
Office opening hours 8.00-15.00
WWW address
Required documents
  • university diploma or its equivalent
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Our programme is of great interest; first and foremost because it is based on the study of Biology but has the specialisation of Palaeobiology – such a combination is rare these days. It includes both biological and geological disciplines, and, certainly, purely palaeobiological subjects as well.



We offer opportunities to our students to provide purely scientific research based on material collected in the Opole area. Here you may actually collect your study material yourself; for example, Carboniferous ichnofossils and plant remains, Triassic vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, Middle Jurassic and Upper Cretaceous mainly marine fauna, but also some plant remains, etc. Because since January 2016 the European Centre of Palaeontology has been linked to partners in Belgium, Germany and Portugal, we have some new possibilities for scientific co-operation.



With an MA diploma in Biology, with palaeobiological specialisation, you can find a job at universities and research institutions, schools, museums, palaeo- and geoparks, nature reserves and conservation biology (protection) organisations, scientific publishing houses, editorial offices, media, extractive industry and geological surveys, science popularization and the like.

The graduates of the Palaeobiology Master’s Programme at the University of Opole can further their education at any university that offers a PhD programme in Biology, Palaeobiology or Geology – thanks to the interdisciplinary approach of the programme.

The full programme of the study can be found here.


Citizens of Poland and EU/EFTA as well as the Pole's Card holders study free of charge.

Qualification criteria


Admission requirements: competition of diplomas

Holders of bachelor's degree diploma in biology are entitled to apply for this programme. 

Qualification unit Weight
Grade from the bachelor's degree diploma 1


English language proficiency at B2 level shall be confirmed by the corresponding document or in the course of the English exam.