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[1-PRK-EP-D3] English Philology, I stopień, 3-letnie, stacjonarne

Kod 1-PRK-EP-D3
Jednostka organizacyjna Wydział Filologiczny
Kierunek studiów English Philology
Forma studiów stacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia licencjackie
Języki wykładowe angielski
Czas trwania 3 lata
Adres komisji rekrutacyjnej Pl. Kopernika 11,
45-040 Opole,
tel. +48 77 541 59 23, +48-77-541 59 57
Adres WWW
Wymagane dokumenty
  • świadectwo maturalne lub równoważne
Dodatkowe informacje
  • Przesyłanie zeskanowanych dokumentów przez cudzoziemców
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About the Programme

Studying English Philology, you will gain knowledge of language, literature, culture and history of English-speaking countries, practical language skills at high proficiency level of at least C1, and competencies related to one of the following specialities:

  • Business English

  • English and Chinese

  • English and Cultural Studies

  • English and Dutch

  • English and Spanish

  • Medical English

  • Translation Studies

  • Business English – practical profile (separate enrollment)

In each semester, you will have at least one speciality course belonging strictly to your field of interest. As a result of the three-year-long study of English Philology, apart from earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, you will become a highly trained professional communicator.

Advantages of the Programme

Our students finish their studies with strong communication skills in English, both in speaking and writing, the ability to search for information in various sources, to analyze and synthesize information, and to work effectively both individually and in teams.

A variety of practice-oriented courses fosters such skills as adaptability, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration in a group setting.

Work Opportunities and Further Education Options

Graduates of English Philology are well prepared for a career in, for example:

translation bureaus, public relations, publishing houses, advertising agencies, travel agencies, cultural institutions, business organizations, research institutes, service sector and many other fields that require a good knowledge of English and liberal arts education.

After graduation students can join one of the MA programmes, prepared by the University. The undergraduates interested in gaining teaching qualifications are advised to continue their studies on the master’s level in English Philology with teacher training specialization or enroll in additional teacher training post-graduate studies also offered by the University of Opole. We also offer MA programmes in literature, culture or linguistics.

The full programme of the study can be found here.

Tuition Fee

PLN 5000 per year

Citizens of Poland and EU/EFTA as well as the Pole's Card holders study free of charge.


For general information and enquiries please contact:

Institute of English
pl. Kopernika 11a, 45-040 Opole
tel.  +48 77 541 59 23, +48-77-541 59 57

For foreign candidates:

Office for International Study Programmes
Katowicka 87B, 45-061 Opole
tel. +48-77-452 72 92


Admission requirements for candidates with Polish new maturity exam (since 2005)

Application for English Philology BA studies is based on Matura examination results in English. The ranking of the candidates is based on the following weighting of points


Maturity exam







Written Basic level


Extended level



A subject of your choice**


Basic level


Extended level 0,20

*Any subject from the candidate’s Matura Exam

**Candidates can choose only one level

Admission requirements for candidates with old maturity exam

In case of holding Old Matura results in English, the applicants’ ranking is based on the following weighting of points.


Exam parts





Written Part



A subject of your own choice*


Written Part 0,20
Final grade upon school graduation** 0,12

*Any subject from the candidate’s Matura Exam

** The final subject grade is calculated into points according to §11 of the University Senate Resolution. The score is taken into account on condition that the candidate did not take the Matura Exam in this particular subject

Addmision requirements fro foreign candidates

The applicants’ ranking is based on the following points:






Final grade upon school graduation


A subject of your own choice*


Final grade upon school graduation

*any subject from a candidate’s secondary school certificate