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[1-PRK-EP-W2] English Philology, II stopień, 2-letnie, niestacjonarne

Kod 1-PRK-EP-W2
Jednostka organizacyjna Wydział Filologiczny
Kierunek studiów English Philology
Forma studiów niestacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia II stopnia
Języki wykładowe angielski
Czas trwania 2 lata
Adres komisji rekrutacyjnej Pl. Kopernika 11,
45-040 Opole,
tel. +48 77 541 59 23, +48-77-541 59 57
Adres WWW
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About the Programme

English Philology MA graduate programme offers the opportunity to grow and interact in a challenging academic environment. Studying English Philology at MA level, apart from developing practical language skills at a high C2 proficiency level of CEFR for languages, encompasses deepening students’ knowledge of selected specialist fields in one of the following seminars:

  • Literary studies

  • Cultural studies

  • Linguistics

  • Translation studies

  • Applied Linguistics: Teachers’ training specialization

  • Business English – practical profile (separate enrollment)


Detailed information on seminars and the application form available here


Advantages of the Programme

Studying English Philology MA programme will benefit students’ career and life. Studying in small or medium groups provides individualized support in order to help students to develop their talents to the fullest. Our students finish their studies with strong communication skills in English, both in writing and speaking, the ability to search for information in various sources, to analyze and synthesize information, and to work effectively individually and in teams.

A variety of practice-oriented courses fosters such skills as adaptability, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration in a group setting. 

The full programme of the study can be found here.


Work Opportunities and Further Education Options

 Our students are well prepared for a career in, for example:

  • translation bureaus

  • public relations

  • publishing houses

  • advertising agencies

  • fundraising organizations

  • commercial, corporate or other business institutions

  • research institutes

  • schools at all educational levels

  • other fields that require a good knowledge of English and liberal arts education.

The students who did not choose the teacher training specialization at MA level studies can enroll in additional teacher training post-graduate studies also offered by the University of Opole or study two different specialties at the same time.

Tuition Fee

The annual cost of studying at English Philology in the 2017-2018 academic year is as follows:

I year MA

II year MA

English Philology

4500 zł
4100 zł

The annual fee may be paid in eight equal monthly installments, from October till May, by the 10th of each month.

International students pay EUR 1160 per year.

Entry Requirements

You can apply for English Philology MA studies if you have a BA degree in Philology – neophilological specialisations. In case you are undergraduate of English in Public Communication or other humanistic studies, you need to prove your command of English that will ensure your linguistic expertise at C1 level.

After submitting their applications*, the candidates will be interviewed by tutors. The admission will be based on the results of that interview.

Unit of qualification




*The application form is available at

The application for a particular specialist seminar should contain the following points:

  • Name of the specialist seminar

  • Name of the candidate

  • BA level studies confirmation – place and date of graduation

  • Title of BA diploma paper – if applicable

  • 100 word summary of BA diploma paper, in points – if applicable

  • Candidate’s academic interests regarding the themes related to the selected seminar


The application form must be sent to the following address within the recruitment dates.