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[2-PRK-SOC.IC-S.M.2] Socjologia, sp. intercultural communication, II stopień, 2-letnie, stacjonarne

Kod 2-PRK-SOC.IC-S.M.2
Jednostka organizacyjna Instytut Socjologii
Kierunek studiów Socjologia - Intercultural Communication
Forma studiów stacjonarne
Poziom kształcenia II stopnia
Języki wykładowe angielski
Czas trwania 2 lata
Adres komisji rekrutacyjnej
Godziny otwarcia sekretariatu -
Adres WWW
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The given programme has been designed to train flexibility and the ability to adjust and apply those skills with tact and sensibility that will enhance the efficiency of intercultural interactions within one country and internationally. Students will learn how to merge the humanistic with the analytical. They will be provided with emphatic approach to diverse phenomena and especially to the culture of the other: be it different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, classes, genders, and organizational cultures. It is combined with a systematic, analytical, quantitative or qualitative evidence based approach.


Opole, located in the centre of Europe, with its complicated and mixed German, Polish, Bohemian and Silesian heritage on the one hand and you – a group of students coming from all over the world on the other – create a perfect environment for studying and developing intercultural communication. We also provide you with an opportunity to spend up to the half of the programme (a whole year) at one of our partner universities in Europe – with Erasmus+ scholarships available to the vast majority of students.


During the programme students acquire such skills as analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, project work, teamwork, English language proficiency, knowledge of the corporate culture, EU and non-EU countries, research, international experience, which can be applied while working for the multinational companies, NGOs, governmental structures, small business enterprises, international departments of educational institutions


EUR 1160 per year

Citizens of Poland and EU/EFTA as well as the Pole's Card holders study free of charge.


You can apply for the Intercultural Communication Programme if you hold a BA degree in sociology, politology, international relations, family studies, social policy, social work, health promotion, management, cultural studies, philology.


Unit of qualification


Bachelor’s degree


 We require English language skills at B2 level, confirmed by a certificate  or positive exam result